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Week of December 8, 2017

National Data Breach Notification Law Proposed

Hacking Back Is A Terrible Idea

New Ransomware Tactics Are Unstoppable

Week of December 1, 2017

Shipping Firm Clarksons Braces For Data Leak

Hackers Are Targeting Your Mobile Phone

Apple Fixes Major macOS Security Flaw

Week of November 24, 2017

NSA Is Hacked

Uber Paid Hackers To Delete Stolen Data

UK Shoppers Lost £16m To Fraud Last Christmas

Week of November 17, 2017

Forever 21 Admits Data Breach

Fileless Attacks Surge in 2017

McAfee's Anti-Hacking Service Exposed Users To Malware

Week of November 10, 2017

Data Breach Record Exposure Up 305% From 2016

Australian Government Contractor Exposed 50,000 Records

$300M In Cyrptocurrency Accidentally Lost

Week of November 3, 2017

USB Found In London Contained Heathrow Security Data

NotPetya Cost Merck $300M Per Quarter

Flaw In Google's Bug Database Exposed Security Reports

Week of October 27, 2017

NSA Contractor Leaked US Hacking Tools By Mistake

Cybersecurity Expert Weighs In On Amazon Key

US Energy and Aviation Sectors Under Attack

Week of October 20, 2017

Wi-Fi Security Breached

Supreme Court To Hear Privacy Case

Ships Are Security Nightmares

Week of October 13, 2017

BEC May Be Bigger Threat Than Ransomware

Hackers Access T-Mobile Data With Phone Numbers

Dubia Airport To Use Face-Scanning As Security Checkpoint

Week of October 6, 2017

Social Security Numbers Outlived Usefulness

Equifax Hacked Data Wasn't Encrypted

Hacker Threats Will Trigger Boom In Cyber-Crime Insurance

Week of September 29, 2017

NotPetya Attack Cost FedEx $300m

Deloitte Hit By Cyber-Attack

Equifax CEO Steps Down After Breach

Week of September 22, 2017

1.9 Billion Data Records Compromised In 2017

Malicious WordPress Plugin Hijacks Websites

Hackers Made Off With Data From SEC Filing System


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