Data Retirement


Does your company have a data retention policy?

iRetire™ is the MENTIS innovation that allows you to match your data retention policies to rules and automate the retirement of inactive sensitive data so that it happens consistently and transparently.

Data Retirement

I’d like to purge sensitive data, but I need the demographic – or operational – information. Each database is unique in its own way.

Retire it instead.

Data retirement means you can retain valuable market, demographic, or operational data, or keep employee or financial information long enough to meet legal requirements – without retaining the risk.

MENTIS brings iRetire™, the first product of its kind, to a market that lacked an integrated solution for retiring sensitive data.

How it works:
  • You can construct data retirement rules based on your organization’s specific parameters and data retention policies;
  • The process de-identifies and tokenizes aged, inactive data within your IT environment;
  • The valuable HR, market, demographic, or operational data associated with the retired data remains intact and usable by the system of origin even after retirement, and can be reinstated if necessary;
  • iRetire™’s process maintains the integrity of your application and the underlying table structures;
  • You can retain information to meet legal requirements, but know it’s secure – not only within the application, but also in the iRetire™ repository;
  • Solve the default problem – where most data remains in the system by default, long after its usefulness has passed – through automation. Automating your data retention policies lets the system do the work consistently, so no inactive data is overlooked.

Please note: iRetire™ does not remove transactional data. It just tokenizes and removes sensitive data that is operational in nature. Think Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, etc.

Uncommon InsightUncommon arrowThis is carrying risk when there’s no reward

Let’s take, for example, a well-known retailer hires more than 80,000 seasonal employees every holiday season. After twenty years, their HRMS system holds Social Security numbers in up to 1.6 million records... just for employees who no longer work for them.


10,000 sensitive data records * 44% (of sensitive data is inactive) * $221 a record = $972,400 ⇒ this represents financial risk to the company that can be removed through iRetire™.

Do the math for YOUR system:

Enter estimated # of sensitive data records

Employees, Dependents, Contacts, Customers, etc


This is typically how much of it is inactive


44% of sensitive data is typically “retireable”


What is the cost per record if you had a breach?


Ponemon Report Institute


This is how much sensitive data risk that you can remove


A * B * C

At $221 per record – can you justify the risk to your company created by maintaining data you no longer need, for employees who no longer work for you?

You may have to keep a lot of sensitive data. But iRetire™ means there’s no longer any reason to keep the risks.


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