Data Monitoring


Which of these are you monitoring?

  • 1Who is connecting to your Production database and from where?
  • 2What are they doing or looking at?
  • 3Is anyone making changes to your database structures and code that affect sensitive data?

Keeping on top of activity is the first line of defense – but being alerted to who is logging in, from where, and at what time of day gives you a head start on preventing unauthorized activity. It’s not just activity. It’s also about access. MENTIS' iMonitor™ solution helps you monitor intelligently for access, activity, and code changes. iProtect™ combines iMonitor™ as a final line of defense, enabling you to block unauthorized access of sensitive data based on your business needs.

iMonitor™ for databases, applications, and code.

iProtect™ for access control.


Connections and Statements

Proactive: Sensitive Data Monitoring for access and access changes as a preventive measure.

  • See user access to sensitive data in Production.
  • Identify changes to sensitive data access when modifications are made to application and database programs -- before they go into Production.

Continuous: Sensitive Data Monitoring all connections and statements made to all sensitive data.

  • Evaluate where connections are coming from to identify threats.
  • Analyze application code for sensitive data access to flag changes for approval.
  • Purpose-built for monitoring authorized user access of sensitive data.
  • Utilizes intelligence from iDiscover™ to monitor ALL sensitive data locations.
  • Automated for continuous protection.

Unique service architecture allows near real-time, low overhead, and cost-effective monitoring

Data Monitoring

Access Control

iProtect™ helps you defend against intrusions by restricting database access to authorized users from approved connections:

  • User access restricted by role or location.
  • Access authorization limited by time of day.
  • Multiple and different levels of group access.

Q. How can you monitor in a way that gathers the intelligence you need to prevent future breaches?

A. "With MENTIS' iMonitor™ and iProtect™, you can.”



  • Automated and cost-effective near real-time monitoring adds minimal latency to access;
  • Demonstrate up-to-date, thorough, and independent controls for compliance;
  • Log reports and alerts for production data access and code changes for compliance reporting.

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