Data Masking


Enterprise sensitive data masking is complicated. It’s not just the diversity of data sources, or differing user requirements, or the need to maintain data consistency; it’s also performance requirements, effective multi-stakeholder participation, and agility in deployment that make masking so complex.

Your masking solution should be able to:

  • 1Follow the location of the user to determine the masking rule;
  • 2Mask intelligently based on whether or not certain conditions are met;
  • 3Create data access rules for Production, Non-Production, and UAT environments without performance hits, all the while maintaining referential integrity;
  • 4Get all your stakeholders on the same page.

Does it? MENTIS does, so you can simultaneously protect AND leverage your sensitive data.


Four Rules

Rule 1.

  • But beware the one-size-fits-all masking approach. It will compromise the purpose for which each was created, whether Test, Dev, UAT, Training, etc.
  • Beware of “Tick Box” masking, doing the quick and easy solution just to be done with it. This is “security” in name only.
  • MENTIS allows you to address every purpose and every complexity with a masking option: static, dynamic, or blended data masking. But it should never be "no masking".

What is the right approach?

In most cases, static data masking is the answer: iScramble™.

  • 59 different masking methods;
  • Data generation for anonymization and de-identification;
  • Repeatable, consistent, and comprehensive;
  • Referential integrity means the data acts just like the original.

But if any decisions are to be made from a Non-Production database – such as in integration testing – then static data masking is not the answer. Use dynamic data masking, or blended data masking.

Data Masking

Rule 2.

iMask™ is the dynamic data masking solution that makes security + access possible. It’s no longer either/or.

iMask  brings unique and ground-breaking capabilities to databases and applications:

  • Role-based masking;
  • Conditional masking;
  • Location-aware masking.

Rule 3.

Pre-Production is critical: people depend on it and one-size generic masking just won’t work. If you can’t just scramble it, we built blended data masking for you.

MENTIS' latest invention.

  • Integrated architecture combines both static (iScramble™) and dynamic data masking (iMask) in the same environment.
  • Can be embedded as security acceptance testing as part of pre-deployment checks and approval.
  • A valuable alternative to straightforward scrambling for certain Non-Production databases.

Rule 4.

Security and compliance can clash with business units. The result is a stalemate on data security and information assets remain exposed. For example, a generic Social Security number change might work for a quick security fix, but would negatively affect the application’s integrity and usability.

If your Masking solution takes a one-size-fits-all approach to protecting sensitive data, it’s not doing its job. You need masking that:

  • Preserves complex data relationships;
  • Enables anonymization and de-identification;
  • Allows custom masking for database purposes and has segregation of duties built in;
  • Covers all data sources including file servers, relational databases, hierarchical databases, and Big Data;
  • Avoids the “man in the middle” approach that is the least effective.

MENTIS has the true Enterprise masking solution that is ready for whatever your teams throw at it.


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